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A Sacrifice

She stood in the corner, this perfect bride to be
But all was not perfect for she was not he
It was a secret kept for reasons not sure
But the secret did not mean that he was so pure
He had lost his virginity to the man down the road
Though he was not sober on entering the abode
His eyes once held mischief but now were dimmed by self blame
The hair atop his head was still as red as flame
The freckles on his features were all still in place
They were once mirrored but his special ones face
He bowed to the father and kissed the mothers hand
Wishing he were anywhere but in this broken land
The hills are no longer green, nor the sky blue
But with being a noble there wasn’t much he could do
The government was rigged and the police were no help
The slaves were all silent and the stable hands mere whelps
The corridors were damp, the windows cloth clad
Help was absurd for this poor little lad
He was but a noble to be pretty, mighty and high
It was his duty to look fear in the eye
He took all he got with elegance and grace
Not sure how much longer he could stand in his place
Time had change from good to bad to worse
And all it had taken was his failed curse
He missed his chance to win and lost the world to bad
His choice to sacrifice one had cost him all he had
Fate had a way of coming back for more
He placed these memories away for they were all sore
A place once filled with children was now a playground for god
For god was what the lord of dark was saying he was called
A shadow a grief crossed his face, his posture nearly broke
But gathering him self in his mind he conversed with these folk
He wondered what life might be like if he had chose another
For the one he had to sacrifice was his dearly beloved brother

A tribute to George’s other half Fred Weasley.
Not a Harry Potter series fan per se. I used to read the series because Fred and George's characters are inspirational... Not to mention that Snape character. The sixth book was alright simply because of the story line but I really don't like the clichéd hero type stories, and then the seventh book came out and I read it and was disappointed. The plot was slow in my opinion and the character interactions were a little unrealistic. I loved how she made main characters die throughout but the ‘nineteen years later’ part was what tipped it for me... *shudder* way to clichéd and sappy and such... I'm sure many people agree with me... especially the yaoi and yuri fans out there.

As for this poem thing, can you imagine having another part of yourself who you shared your life with and who complimented you in everyway? You own a business together and grew up together only to have that person ripped away in a very violent manor. Can you picture George going back to their store after Fred died? It's dark and he would walk in and the silence would be pressing in and all of this is happening in a grief clouded mind. He would probably go and quietly make a cup of tea or coffee, sit and watch the fire before climbing into his bed (or their bed... I dunno) and either cry himself to sleep, missing the warm presence beside him or turn over and look at the bed next to his and cry from the empty space in his room and heart. Heart breaking.
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Sydcamp7 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012
Why Fred not Percy "sobs"
GeorgeWeazly Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
all this make me cryyyy
BlueyPheonix Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
i- im SOBBING!!!!!!!!! im kinda a hp FREAK!! and i was so mad when fred died, but percy is still alive! i loved fred more than i probably loved any other real person.
Nalie-Nals Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011
I saw the movies before I read all the books, (I'm on the 4th one) and now I'm all like "I will never read this in the same way D:"
There can't be the Weasly twins without Fred >.> Poor George lost his other half
You had me at "Hello"You lost me at "I hate Harry Potter"
animeluvr1313 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Knowing Fred died was hard to handle, and seeing it in the movie just broke my heart. It will never be the same. :'(
Chelsi959 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2011
Yes. I always tell my friend: You can't have Fred and George without Fred.
Evaded Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2010
I feel the same way about them, for me it's like Fred never die even if I know that it's written in the book. I can,t imagine George without Fred.
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